Funny friendship status

I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception.

If you have crazy friends….. you have everything.

Me, Without You? Are You For Real? That’s Like A Fat Kid Passing Up A Happy Meal!

Years from now, I hope we are still in each other’s lives.

Life is better with friends.

You break her heart, I break your face.

Real friends don’t fall though the crack.

If there ever comes a day, when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.

Our most difficult task as a friend is to offer understanding when we don’t understand.

There is a time where you stop being friends and you become sisters.

In life, it’s not where you go. It’s who you travel with.

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. Notice them.

Stupid conversations always make sense when we are just talking with our best friend.